Welcome to (electro-less plating company) Nacro's website. Our company trades in plating and surface treatment for metal and plastic. We specialize in Nac-coating series based on our electro-less nickel process. We respond to wide range of request whether it's in many varieties or in small scale to mass production quantity production.To pursue in various plating we have put in a lot of force and effort into research and development. Please feel free to contact us for any consultation.

Metal Product Department

In our metal product department, based on our electro-less nickel process we also handle special plating such as
Ni-B・Ni-W plating and electro-less nickel PTFE. We perform a professional surface treatment for corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, mold releasability and nonadherent.

We are able to achieve high quality product by using fully automatic as well as semi-automatic 4 line and test line plating equipment and we treat iron, copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel and so forth according to its material and lot.

Integrated Manufacturing System

Our Company has an integrated manufacturing establishment from mold making, forming, surface treatment (plating, vacuum deposition plating, coating, and others), printing (silk printing, pat-printing, hot stamping, and others), colour insert, welding (thermal welding, vibration welding, ultrasonic wave welding, and others), framework up to the final inspection.

As our Company have always followed the integrated manufacturing system, we pride ourselves in providing the finished product to our customers with exceptional high quality and speed.


Our company has developed NAC- S1000 super thick
electro-less nickel for molding for optical lenses such as molding for pick up lenses, mobile phone lenses, and LGP. Due to diamond cutting and processing, we are able to achieve a high quality process. We are able to produce up to 1000μm.

Film Composition Ni:89±0.5% P:11±0.5%
Crystal Structure amorphous Ni-P alloy
Specific Gravity 7.75g/cm2
Melting Point 890℃
Resistance 90μΩ/cm
Thermal Conducivity 0.02cal/cm sec℃
Elastic Coefficient 200GPa
Elongation Percentage 1%
Internal Stress 0~-2Kg/mm2
Magnetic Property nonmagnetism
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 11.5~12×10-6
Hardness 570~580Hv

Experiment on the roughness (nm) of process surface

Number of endurance
Evaluation point 1 point 2 point 3 Average
1st Ra 10.2 10.7 10.5 10.48
Ry 40.1 40.9 40.7 40.58
2nd Ra 10.9 10.7 11.2 10.93
Ry 41.1 40.9 41.5 41.16
3rd Ra 11.5 11.8 11.9 11.73
Ry 41.7 41.9 42.3 41.96
4th Ra 14.4 17.3 15.5 15.73
Ry 80.3 80.4 54.3 55.00
5th Ra 15.1 14.5 14.1 14.56
Ry 84.1 50.5 80.1 51.56
Average Ra 12.42 13.00 12.64 12.69
Ry 45.46 46.92 45.78 46.01


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Customer recommendations

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We will conduct the initial consultation via email for your convenience.


Once we have confirmed your requirements, we will provide you with an estimate.

Proposal for trial product

Once we are in receipt of your trial product we will conduct a trial testing and return it in due course.

Delivering mass production

We will start the mass production after the order has been finalized.

Until recently, we use to do business with a trading company but after learning about Nacro Co. Ltd. we are happy to have made the changes as Nacro Co. Ltd. has proven to be very satisfying in means of the quality, lead time and cost. The average quality or the cheapness does not apply in the world of optical lenses, accuracy is vital. Nacro was excellent at application performance.

With the ultrafine processing the surface accuracy has become more demanding each year. To produce an ultimate surface accuracy, there is a need for cutting process technique and substrates for high quality. We were able to confirm that Nacro Co. Ltd is able to obtain the surface accuracy that other plating manufacturer's thick film weren't able to do. We would like to thank Nacro Co. Ltd for their exceptional service and product and we look forward to continuing this partnership.

When we asked other manufacturer the plating came back grainy and rough, but when we asked Nacro Co. Ltd, the product came back instantly with smooth beautiful plating and we are very grateful.

We have always had a brilliant partnership with Nacro Co. Ltd. with our usual order for heat resisting coating for glass moulding. When we found out that Nacro Co. Ltd was able to produce thick filming for moulding plastic lenses they have helped us a great deal. As well as the order we placed they were also able to separated inferior goods that we had and re-coated them.

Is it possible to increase the hardness of the film?

Yes it is. We are able to increase the hardness by heat treatment.

What is your lead time?

Standard lead time is 4 working days within Japan. However for anything more urgent please contact us.

Name of Our Company Nacro Co., Ltd
President Yasuo Ikeda
Our company address [The Head Office]
5-4-26 Takadono, Asahi-ku, Osaka-shi,
Osaka-fu 535-0031 JAPAN
email nac@nacro.co.jp
URL http://www.nacro.co.jp/
Established 16th October 1953
Capital 10 million yen
Number of Employees 30
Major Clients Panasonic Corporation
Kyushu Hitachi Maxell
Ito Kinzoku Plant
Daisho Industry

and over 200 other companies